Travel Insurance

You have duty of care for employees who travel away from home

If your employees need to travel further than from home to work, they need protecting from problems, accidents and emergencies.

In the event of an event or emergency, a suitable policy will both protect the employee and also your assets and liabilities. It can cover a wide range of emergencies, including lost or stolen baggage, delays and cancellation of trips, medical costs and even repatriation flights if medically necessary.

We partner with industry specialists IMG to offer comprehensive travel cover at a competitive price.

We have partnered with industry specialists IMG to offer comprehensive travel cover at a competitive price.

What Is Covered

All coverage is up to the policy limit defined when you take out the policy. Depending on the policy you choose, coverage can include:

Lost, damaged or delayed baggage

Valuables, spectacles/sunglasses

Personal money, passports & documents

Emergency medical, repatriation & other expenses

Death, loss of limb or eye, permanent disablement

Trip cancellation or curtailment

Delayed & missed departure

Personal liability, in case you’re sued for accidents, damaging property or causing injury to others

Non-refundable travel purchases

Incidental delay-related expenses

IMG offers the following benefits:

No overall annual limit on medical treatment

Pre-existing conditions covered

Pregnancy cover (up to 36 weeks)

Medical emergencies for many adventure sports and activities

Children under the age of two added at no cost

What Is Not Covered

Travel insurance cover depends on the exact policy you select, and you may need specialist cover, but general exclusions are:

Over 65s (but certain policies may give cover)

Pre-existing medical conditions (but certain policies may give cover)

Travel to countries or regions the government recommends against

Strikes, civil unrest, earthquakes, acts of terrorism and epidemics/pandemics (varies by policy and may not be covered)

Costs if you are travelling for the express purpose of obtaining medical treatment

From individual life policies to specialist business cover, we have products to suit your every need.


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